The Creative Services Team offers original art and design services utilizing the latest Software in Macintosh and PC environments. Illustrator / Photoshop / InDesign / Freehand / CorelDraw / Quark / Dreamweaver / Flash.

We can design your art or logo from your recommendations, we will send proofs for your approval before commencing printing, and we output all our films in-house for printing. See our specs and capabilities list below, or call Tony Hoffart with any specific questions.

  • Please e-mail ART to: artist@mercurysigns.com This mailbox can receive up to 15 mb. files and will "Auto Respond" with a received confirmation. For larger files, call or e-mail for our FTP site information.
  • We are capable of opening DVD formatted dics as well as PC formatted Discs.
  • FORMAT: We use Adobe Illustrator (Macintosh OS) and prefer *.EPS or *.AI VECTOR (outlined files)
  • PROOF: Please include a *.PDF or *.JPG file "As Reference".
  • FONTS: All files should be OUTLINED or the FONTS included.
  • RESOLUTION: RASTER or BITMAP Images should be 150 Pixels Per inch, at ACTUAL size.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The Project's colors (PMS or CMYK) as well as the finished size of the image(s).

Although we have most "Industry Standard" Software, Please Be Kind, "Rewind" or save "back a version" in the Native Graphics Application. If you are not sure if we have the software that you are using, or for exporting options, please feel free to call us.

Please contact our Sales/Customer Service Department or Creative Services with any questions.


12407 Sowden Rd. • Houston, TX 77080 • Phone: 713.462.1068 • Fax: 713.462.1934 • marketing@mercurysigns.com